Thirteenth Tara

Tara Who Brings About Auspiciousness

(Tibetan: Drölma Yulle Gyaljema)

(Sanskrit: Tārā Ripu Cakra Vināśinī)

Photographer credit: Alan K.

Tara Vinashini (for short) protects beings from violence and war, preventing destruction caused by anger and aggression, and returning beings to joy. Internally, she protects against negative forces both with and without form. Formless obstacles arise from negative emotions, thoughts, and mental projections that cloud our wisdom, potentially leading to internal and external harm.

Color: Dark Red

Expression: Fierce

Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Vajra Jvala Phat Phat Raksha Raksha Svaha

Symbol: Open-Pronged Vajra

Resources for real life Tara Vinashini from Embodying Tara:

Zainab Salbi

Zainab Salbi’s website

Co-founder of Women for Women International and Daughters of the Earth

Books by Zainab Salbi (may be purchased on her website above):

  • The Other Side of War
  • Freedom is an Inside Job
  • If You Knew Me You Would Care
  • Between Two Worlds: Escape from Tyranny: Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam




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