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Generosity - Reciprocity

My goal is to devote my life to Dharma and share it with others. Your contribution helps me continue to offer teachings to a broader audience so that no one is turned away for lack of funds. Please consider giving in a way you feel comfortable to the extent that you’re able.

Dharma and Dana:

Traditionally, Dharma was usually offered freely, without an expectation of receiving something in return. In the past, Dharma teachers were almost always monastic and were supported by their community.

In this modern era, where teachers in the west are often householders with families and the usual modern day expenses, outside of a cultural framework that supports their Dharma activity, this traditional approach, while noble, is often difficult to uphold.

Having said that, reciprocity between teacher and student has always been an aspect of one’s Dharma practice. Generosity, or “Dana” is a Pali and Sanskrit term that refers to the virtue of generosity and charity. It has always been the case that the student offers something in return for the Dharma teachings they receive.

This exchange of generosity creates what is called “tendrel” in Tibetan, which means “interdependence,” a sacred connection between the teacher and student. In this way Dana is an important aspect of our spiritual practice.

We give what we can, and even a little bit more to extend our practice of abundance and generosity, knowing that when we give, we open ourselves to receiving more than we could ever imagine.

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