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Welcome to the additional resources mentioned in the book Embodying Tara. These articles, videos, documentaries, interviews, podcasts, and books will support and enhance your exploration of each of the Taras.


21 Taras Thangka (credit: Rubin Museum)

Excerpt from the 108 Praises of Arya Tara:

“O mother of the world, perfect in understanding, Endowed with great compassion, You arose for the world’s liberation. You hold a blue lotus in your hand and say, “Fear not! I will protect all beings! I will ferry all beings Across the terrifying ocean of existence!”
O Tara, you are bright, with beautiful eyes, joy of starlight, Full of pity for all beings, savior of all beings. Look down, gaze on all beings as your children. Your body is emerald green, blazing with splendor, invincible. If one simply remembers your name, you come forth to save from any terror. O mother, savior, protector, remover of every obstacle, Homage to you!”


“Ethereal yet regal, delicate yet majestic, Tara exudes supreme confidence that she can answer every prayer and fulfill any need. She sends forth countless manifestations in every color of the rainbow, displaying infinite nuances of liberating power, filling the universe with her nectar of mercy, enveloping living beings in the mantle of her maternal grace. At once a transcendent Buddha queen and tender mother, Tara is without doubt the most beloved goddess of the Indo-Tibetan pantheon.”

 – Miranda Shaw, Buddhist Goddesses, pg. 307.

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To learn more about the real life Taras, check out Chandra’s book, Embodying Tara: Twenty-One Manifestations to Your Innate Wisdom!


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