2023 Courses and Retreats

Wisdom Rising

Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine

Date & Time

October 12 - November 30, 2023


Presented By Tara Mandala

We invite you to join us for a 7-week journey through the Mandala of the Five Wisdom Dakinis. Students will be guided through the development of the feminine in Buddhism, the mandala principle, introduced to the fierce feminine of the dakinis (female deities in Tibetan Buddhism, embodying profound wisdom and the empowered feminine), the five Buddha families, and several transformative meditation practices. Interspersed with pre-recorded dharma talks by Lama Tsultrim Allione, the program will additionally feature four live webcasts with Lopön Chandra Easton where students will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance along their journey through the mandala.

Winter Solstice Celebration and 21 Taras Book Launch

Date & Time

December 21, 2023 | 11:00am – 1:00pm (MDT)


Presented By Tara Mandala

Join us this Winter Solstice as we begin a new cycle with intention and compassion for all beings. Winter Solstice provides an opportunity for us to sit in the great mystery as we feel the earth turn back toward the light. This time of year has been honored throughout history in many cultures, and we will be joining our energy with others around the globe who are performing similar ceremonies during this special time.



with Arturo Peal and Lopön Chandra

Join us for a weekend of fun and relaxation as we guide you through therapeutic experiences that will help you find ease, comfort, and joy in your meditation practice. Often we avoid meditation due to physical limitations or discomfort, and this need not be the case. Come learn how you can adapt your meditation seat and posture so that meditation is a place of refuge and nourishment for body and soul.

Date & Time

Saturday & Sunday, May 6 - 7, 2023 (9:00am-3:30pm MDT)



A Buddhist Meditation, Yoga, and Shadow Work Retreat

At the heart of contemplative life is the archetypal journey home to the ground of our essential being that is love. Meditation brings us to this experience, our true ground, and enables us to gain confidence and maturity in it. In this retreat we will explore the Buddhist teachings on “one ground, two paths, two results.” We will meditate indoors and out, practice gentle yoga, and learn how to work with challenges along the path. All are welcome.

Date & Time

Saturday & Sunday, September 23-24, 2023 | 9:00am-2:00pm (MDT)

Next yearlong course starting in early 2024. Stay up to date by signing onto my newsletter.

21 Tārās for the 21st Century

In this course, Lopön Chandra Easton, Buddhist teacher, scholar, and Tārā Mandala’s lead senior teacher, reveals the 21 aspects of Tārā, the female Buddha of Compassion. Tārā is also an archetypal representation of the human qualities and skillful means we all have within us, including but not limited to, deep compassion.

You will explore the universal aspects of the empowered feminine in her many diverse forms that support us in befriending our fears and overcoming the very real human challenges we meet in our daily lives.

Through powerful and inspiring stories about real women, both historic and modern, Buddhist and non-Buddhist, you will gain knowledge and personal experience about the myriad qualities of these 21 Tārās.

This yearlong course is open to everyone who feels a connection to Tārā’s energy of compassion, skillful means, and service to the world. It is a deep dive for those who long to activate their own power and healing by inviting the 21 aspects of the divine, empowered, badass, awakened feminine energies to come alive in you!

This course is suitable for those joining for the first time, as well as, for those who participated in the previous 21 Tārā’s courses and who have a desire to go deeper. All are welcome.

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